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Migration User

Hi, i now understand it is the CLI password you are referring to. These users and passwords are not changed automatically nor are they constraint by time.

(NOTE: the root user is disabled over SSH as a security measure)

There are 2 users, ‘root’ and ‘yce’. Both have the password: “NetYCE01” by default. You may have changed them during the net_setup process as can be seen in video course 1. If you have changed the password if you have access to either of the users you are able to change the password of the other user, using the ‘passwd’ command. (‘passwd yce’ (if you are the root user) or ‘sudo passwd’ (if you are the yce user). If you don’t have access at all you may download the VM again or you could use the single user boot process (single user mode).

Let me know if that is working for you.

PS. the GUI access is independent of CLI access. You may still access that using NetYCE/NetYCE01, unless you have changed these values. Normally no CLI access is required once the setup has been done.