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Can you explain netYCE functionality in short?

Home Forums NetYCE F.A.Q. Can you explain netYCE functionality in short?

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    Think of netYCE as your ultimate framework to support network staff with all their tasks related to ‘Design’, ‘Build’ and ‘Operate’ processes.

    The framework incorporates a ‘carrier grade’ configuration engine (YCE) to send and receive configuration changes in a controlled, smart and data-driven way to multi-vendor network devices. The YCE engine is supported by a range of ‘Operate’ tools to help engineers streamline and automate configuration changes.

    Instead of logging into production devices, jobs can now be scheduled via the netYCE application. Engineers can choose to keep on doing what they do today (device based syntax changes) or make use of the enhanced netYCE features to perform far more ‘smarter’ and ‘data-driven’ jobs and scenarios. And deal with automatic rollback scenarios etc.. As such, YCE is best described as your ultimate scripting engine that does not require any software development. We have made it easy for engineers to use in their day to day work.

    On top of the YCE engine, there is a logical inventory database (object oriented), a rich GUI and templating system to support all of the required ‘Build’ processes. This means making planned changes, prepare migrations, perform reconciliations, keep track of your network administration and store all of your staff’s engineering logic. Basically, all your network information and support processes in one place to prepare ‘intended’ changes before you deploy them. All this works seamlessly with the YCE engine and ‘Operate’ tools to keep your ‘deployed’ production network in sync with your intended changes.

    On top of the ‘Build’ layer, sr. engineers and designers can use the ‘Design’ tools to standardize and enforce design rules, design options, design logic and design changes down to the network. Here your design and automation logic can be modeled. netYCE will automatically hand out all variables and parameters as per your design and keep a full administration of it. So no need for excel files and separate databases.

    Finally, all that can be done via the GUI can also be done via the netYCE’ API. This will further streamline automation and orchestration with 3rd party systems such for IPAM, DHCP, DNS, OSS or other NMS systems.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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