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Can you support me globally?

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    Yes, NetYCE provides global support for Bronze and Silver support packages. See here for more detail.
    For Gold support coverage, please contact [email protected]

    In general: the netYCE software can be downloaded and installed from anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves for our ‘one code’ policy, meaning that all customers run the same code base. Depending on your license key you’ll have access to standard and/or customer specific features and modules.

    So software support is quick and simple. Installations and upgrades are typically done by your own staff, but can also be done NetYCE staff or a local partner. Simply download the latest patch or update from our wiki, upload it to the netYCE application and you are ready within seconds.

    For consultancy and implementation support, we offer (on-line) training courses that teach customers how to use the application and build network automation solutions themselves.

    Furthermore, we offer Professional services in Europe and Asia and work with partners in other regions of the world. NetYCE is currently based in Asia (Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore), Europe (Amsterdam) and we have partnerships to support customers in USA, LATAM and many other countries in the world.

    We are also expanding rapidly, so stay tuned or contact us at [email protected] for specific questions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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