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How does netYCE manage different vendor syntaxes?

Home Forums NetYCE F.A.Q. How does netYCE manage different vendor syntaxes?

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    Network engineers can create as much different vendor templates as they want to store any vendor-specific configuration- and engineering design logic. The netYCE templating system offers many extra features to manage configuration generation in a smart way. E.g. by using parameter substitution (from the netYCE database or via API), using relationships or conditionals and many additional functions (to e.g. count or calculate things).

    NetYCE differentiates two types of templates. First, there are the ‘Configuration templates’ to automatically generate configurations (full or partial). These Configuration templates can be organised in a hierarchical tree structure, calling upon smaller templates with specific functions (VLAN’s, ACL, port, etc..). As these templates can be made smart, they can be reused throughout the entire network and will generate specific outcomes per device/customer/etc.

    Second are the ‘Parsing templates’ that can be used to retrieve specific information from production devices (using command parsing) or its configurations (config parsing). These templates can be used in combination with the job scenarios to validate changes on production nodes ‘at run time’ when deploying the intended/desired change.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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