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Learn the difference between runtime automation, data-driven network automation and design-driven (Intent-based) service orchestration. https://netyce.com/blog/the-3-building-blocks-for-automating-any-network/ View
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    Today we launched this new site to share all cool stuff related to #network #automation, use-cases and experiences from our amazing community members. We decided to make all courses + the netYCE software publicly available for anyone to use.

    So get your FREE netYCE_GO software at https://netyce.com/product/free-download-netyce_go/ and start course 1 to learn how to build your 1st automation use-case in less than 1hour.

    We want to hear all about your stories, so please share them here. We will post new stuff like new use-case recordings, webinars and podcast on a regular basis, so make sure you bookmark this site and make it your GoTo place for learning NetDevOps stuff.

    As usual, happy automating